Show Dates
Fund Raising


You commit to selling up to a set number of tickets in conjuction with other groups.

The Show consists of 500 tickets broken into five blocks of 100 tickets. This is usually the most seats available. Half blocks are available although conditions apply.

Cost for blocks is payable upon collection of the tickets. The Purchase price is printed on each ticket. With other groups involved it is not possible to set your own price although you can discount it. Your profit can be up to 180% and there are no hidden costs !

As you are one of up to five groups involved, the load of selling the show is spread. Also, the breakeven point is a lot lower. There is no setting up, preparation or cleaning up to be done by you, we take care of all that!

No cancellation is possible due to the other groups involvement. If, however, I cancel, then a full explanation and refund would be forthcoming.

All shows out of Christchurch may attract a travel charge but this can be negotiated or built into the price structure where applicable.


You commit to selling all the tickets you can in order to realise the best profit for yourself or your organisation.

You pay the cost of a full show plus the possible expenses of a sound system and a venue hire, which can vary significantly from venue to venue. A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a booking with the balance due on the night of the show.

The price you charge for each ticket is your decision. The profit you make will commence after you have reached the breakeven point, which varies depending on your total expenses. There are no hidden costs unless associated with travel expenses incurred with shows out of Christchurch and will often include accommodation allowance.

You are able to select a date to suit yourself, book a venue of your own choosing and you can set a price on your ticket to suit yourself.

If you cancel the show, the deposit will be forfeit, however if I have to cancel then a full refund will be forthcoming along with an explanation.



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