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Taught by a professional stage hypnotist of some renown in the 1970's, Brian Gee spent several years learning more about the craft, and perfecting his own techniques for his own show. This early time was well spent. From small beginnings with a first show attended by only seventy people and only three subjects on stage, Brian now performs in front of some five hundred people and often has as many as twenty-five subjects to choose from.

As this is too many on stage for a smooth show, it becomes necessary to send some of them back to their seats in the audience; something no hypnotist enjoys as they are volunteers giving their own time to help have a show.

In the twenty odd years that Brian has been on the stage, he has performed in excess of two thousand shows, in front of an estimated total audience of about one million people and has hypnotised over twenty thousand people.

As Brian is a family man with the usual family commitments, he has been content to base his centre of operations in Christchurch and has only been making himself available for shows in the south. Although shows are performed extensively in the Canterbury region, Brian has been to centres in Westland and from Kaikoura in the north to Invercargill and Stewart Island in the south. Still times change, and Brian now feels the time has come to take his show further afield.

Further training int the 1990's has resulted in Brian attaining a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy enabling him to help people with a wide range of problems. Although therapy work is very rewarding, his first love is the stage and the enjoyment to be found there. After all "Laughter is the Best Medicine"


Master Hypnotist